Writing resources

Many people have given up on dreaming to become a writer, and instead, have dove head first into the craft. Fortunately, there are a number for writing resources for those individuals with writing on the brain. Both beginners and seasoned professionals are now looking to the web for writing resources and they are finding them in abundance.

Professional freelance writers may be familiar with the “Writer’s Market” books. Now, they can find much of the information at no cost on the internet. One of the most valuable writing resources for freelance writers are web sites that list paying markets. There are actually a ton of sites that list these markets for free and may even have them searchable by categories. This way you can narrow down what type of publication you want to write for.

Writing resources of particular interest to the beginning writers are writing workshops. These workshops and writing lessons are starting to spring up all over the internet. They include topics on everything from writing a novel in 30 days, to the business side of freelance writing. Though some writing workshops charge a nominal fee, there are a lot of writing lessons and articles that are free of charge.

You can write for the fun of it, but writing is a lot more fun when you get paid. Another great writing resource is the sites that offer writing job leads. A lot of popular job sites will have some writing jobs. However, the web sites devoted to displaying only writing jobs are a lot less hassle to sort through. If you are looking for freelance writing jobs, there are even sites that provide just freelance writing jobs. This may be a great place for beginning writers to start their job search for writing jobs that do not require experience.