Teacher resources

The internet was originally invented, not for the advertisement and entertainment industry, but with the purpose of allowing users access to valuable information that they would otherwise have a hard time finding. Despite the other uses we have discovered the internet remains a prime location for finding teacher resources. These teacher resources range from teacher recruitment to sample lesson plans and valuable ideas.

Where do you start your search? A ton of sites will appear when you search for “teacher resources.” However, going through all of that information can be very overwhelming. There are a few sites that can make your search easier.

State websites can offer a wealth of information on teacher resources. In fact, it is in their best interest to do so. For example, California’s state website had information on recruitment, where and how to get your teaching credentials, professional development, standards and curriculum, and ideas for the classroom.

The federal government has gone a bit further. They pulled about 30 federal agencies together in 1997 to form FREE or the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence web site. This organization is devoted to making it easier for teachers to find resources provided at no cost by a number of organizations. The web site is updated each month with new resources and they have a downloadable pamphlet to help spread the word about FREE.

Another valuable site is the GED or Gateway to Educational Materials website. This site is a group effort devoted to providing quick and easy access to teacher resources on the web. It provides a description for over 40,000 teacher resource web sites. It is designed to be searchable by keywords for the information that the teacher is looking for.

If you want to find teacher resources on the web, these are great sites to help you in your task. They are a lot less work than going through the hundreds of sites that will be presented by your search engine.