Senior care resource

As Americans we have a duty to protect and serve our elderly Americans. Fortunately, it isnít hard to find senior care resources. Many organizations have been developed to aid our elderly Americans and make sure that they are well taken care of.

The Indian Health Service is one place you will find senior care resources. One senior care resource provided by the Indian Health Service is the long term care programs funded by the Indian Health Service. These programs provide long term care and in home care assistance. In addition, The Indian Health Service also provides information on preventative care for seniors.

Another valuable senior care resource is the Long Tern Care Ombudsman Program. This senior care resource involves paid volunteers who work in every state to give residents of nursing homes a voice. They act as an independent source of information and support for the resident and their family. This senior care resource ensures that facilities are monitored to provide the best care and conditions for the resident.

The Assisted Living Federation of America is another valuable senior care resource. This resource provides a both a special housing situation, and a health care for the elderly resident. The goal of the ALFA is to provide an environment where seniors have the added support but still retain their individual freedoms. They get to live their life the way they want with a safety net.

If you want to know more information about these programs and more senior care resource programs available to the public, you can contact your local department of health and human services. You can also try contacting one of the many helpful organizations on aging including the Administration on Aging that is responsible for the Ombudsman program, and Medline Plus who is responsible for the ALFA.