Natural resources

Natural resources are materials that are found in nature and necessary for human survival. Unfortunately, we use more and more of these natural resources every year. The only way to ensure that our supplies of natural resources stay abundant is to conserve them.

Water is one natural resource we simply can not do without. Clean drinking water is essential to our survival. Conservation of water can actually save you money while saving one of our valuable natural resources. There are many organizations that are helping us conserve this natural resource including the American Water Works Association, the Department of Land and Water Conservation, and the Soil and Water Conservation Society. Many of them provide valuable information on why and how you can conserve our water supplies.

You may not think about soil as a natural resource that is in any danger. The truth is that soil must be conserved as well. In many places, the soil is being eroded, or worn away by the weather, a lot faster than nature can replace it. Soil is important for our nations food supply. Without the right kinds of soil, we would not be able to grow certain crops. This has led us to developing ways to conserve soil as one of our natural resources. You can find more information about soil conservation by contacting the Soil and Water Conservation Society or the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

There are many natural resources in danger. I have only mentioned two. Even if only one of these natural resources was lost, we would have a hard time ahead of us. This makes conservation an important issue. If you would like to know more about the natural resources in your state and how you can help protect them, you can contact your state’s natural resources department.