Corporate event planning resources

The corporate world is fast paced and everything has a number one priority. In this environment a successful event is an event that produces the desired results, but produces those results in the desired time frame as well. It helps if you gather corporate event planning resources before you need them. Below is a list of what your corporate event planning resources should include.

Location. Location. Location. Corporate event planning resources must include the right locations. It is a good idea to keep a list of locations in different areas and rate them according to your own experiences or other people’s opinions. Always keep an ear out for gossip on new location spots. Next to each location keep a short description that includes information on what events take place there normally and what events would not do so well in that location. Keeping a brochure or a picture of the different locations would also be a great idea.

Another arsenal for your corporate event planning resources is food ideas. Every time you eat somewhere you should ask if they cater. More importantly, ask if they have a menu either of their cater services or just a copy of their regular dine-in menu. Lists really do help organize information. The next time you go to pick a location and menu, you will basically be choosing through a comparison of other locations and menus. It makes the process easier.

In addition, to the other corporate event planning resources, you want to keep a list of entertainment ideas. This can include a list of house bands, potential guest speakers, magicians, corporate trainers, DJ’s, and any other fresh ideas that you can think of.

You do have to remember what business you’re in. While a traditional business may do well with a guest speaker or corporate trainer, they might not be in to an Elvis Presley impersonator. However, some creative businesses may enjoy something out of the ordinary. The key is that everything on your list is potential and you may never use it.