Child care resources

In these times it is often hard to support a family on one income. Even if money isnít an issue more mothers are still working outside of the home. Women are now discovering that they can have it all. With more mothers working, their children have to be taken care of. Our nation has discovered this need for quality child care and has now made a number of child care resources available to the public.

Head Start is a child care resource provided by the Department of Health and Human Services that allows your child to attend a facility that is more like preschool than daycare. This not only satisfies the need for child care, but also provides the added bonus of educating your children. Many times children who attend head start will have an easier transition into public school.

The Department of Health and Human Services also provides valuable information. As one of their child care resources, information is available to parents on a variety of issues concerning the care of their children. This information includes such topics as early literacy, nutrition and obesity, and a healthy marriage among others.

In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services provides child care resources for child care providers. These child care resources include information on nutrition and early literacy among others. They also provide funding for meal programs for child care providers that follow guidelines on nutrition.

There are also a number of child care resources in each state. These may be provided by Indian Tribes, or non-profit groups. One way to find these child care resources available in your state is to contact your county department of health and human services center. They may be able to direct you to the proper organization for your needs. You can also contact the family services department of the Indian tribe you belong to.